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Emotions are related to memories

The emotions are triggered by internal or external stimuli. Carmelari's jewels and design objects are created to create emotions. Exactly what a good jeweler must be able to do in his shop. This page is dedicated to the art of creating emotions, arousing pleasant memories, helping the customer to choose the object that excites him the most.

“The  value  of  life  can  be  measured by how many times your  soul  has been deeply moved.”

Contrary to what one might think, emotions are not mental states disconnected from reality.

The emotion comes from our experiences, good or bad, and it remains the time of a second or for a whole life. Who does not remember with emotion the expectation of a birth, the joy of the wedding day, the adrenaline for an important exam? 

So entering a pastry shop and finding the cake of our engagement brings to mind the memory and emotion we experienced. Or smelling the lilies immediately takes us back to the wedding day. Or hearing a certain word or phrase said reminds us of the moment we graduated.


Each memory is linked to some strictly personal elements, difficult for others to know.

Some elements, however, can be the same for everyone: seeing a wedding dress, in photos or live, will surely make us remember our wedding. Attention, however, we cannot know if the emotion we want to arouse is positive or negative.

While we get to know the customer who entered the jewelry better, let's try to understand how to create a new positive emotion in him.

The toolbox

That is some tools to start working with emotions

High performance

Always give your best. Experience, training, quality collaborators. If you're not at your best, and it can happen to anyone, say it frankly and make a new appointment to give your client the best of you.



Reward the customer

Reward customers not only with gifts and certificates of merit but with a clean, serene environment, adequate lighting, relaxing music, a comfortable chair. Pamper your customer even if you don't close the sale. Remember that the most important thing now is empathy.


No lies, no pindaric flights, transparency on what you sell, always. Don't be tempted to describe the product better than it is, be honest with your customer. His budget must be respected.



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