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Answer the test questions truthfully and find out what your strengths are and what you can improve.


Do you think your customer is really happy with your store's jewelry?

Are you able to list at least 5 competitors?

Customer contact details are ...

Have you ever invested in communication?

Do you really know how many customers have contacted you after seeing your site or social media?

Have you wondered what you need to sell?

If you are in a difficult moment of the negotiation what do you do?

How important is the "relationship" with the customer?

Are you able to clearly identify the target of your customers? Do you know how old they are, how much they spend, etc.?

Have you ever tried to Google your company? Have you seen what page you are on? Have you tried to repeat the operation periodically?

Would you be able to explain why customers should choose you in 30 seconds?

What is important to focus on in the sales process?

Can your customer afford your products?


You have a clear understanding of the potential and weaknesses of your jewelry, you know the importance that communication and marketing can have for your work and you have tried to do more to improve your performance as a seller. You inform yourself, you read and you are looking for new strategies in step with the times. You are an advanced knowledge entrepreneur. The next step is to figure out how to solidify your success and do even more for your customers, and find new ones of course. Find out how by continuing to read

Not bad but there is plenty of room for improvement. Your company takes a long time but you should find some to analyze data and study new strategies. Updating is important, as is setting a budget to invest in marketing. Your efforts will pay off.

Sorry but we're not there. If you want to have good results you have to plan a strategy, understand your customers, improve your degree of empathy. As long as you want to see positive changes in your jewelry. Find out how by continuing to read