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Look at some of the Carmelari projects carried out over the years.

Find out who is behind Carmelari Design & Consulting

More and more often the term design is used erroneously to define only the aesthetics of a product and therefore strictly linked to the external part of the product, to the “bodywork” only or even to the aesthetic or chromatic part only.

Design, on the other hand, has a much broader and more technical meaning: it also includes the relationship between the product and its user and the entire study of its construction process, the entire project of a product, including its life cycle.

Carmen Russo, founder of the brand, has 25 years of experience in the Design sector, with particular reference to the goldsmith market and interior design.

It comes from a family of jewelers who have made customer service a flagship. He has a training at the IED in Rome, and specific skills on diamonds for the courses attended at IGI. He has a master's degree with De Beers on the marketing of luxury goods and with the McNeel softer house for 3D modeling.

Carmelari follows the creations for some selected private clients for important jewels.